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ON19 Online - Communicate!

Monosessió | Teacher: Barcelona Activa

It is impossible not to communicate. We do it in all situations, even if we do not speak. But do we do it properly? "Communicate" proposes to develop your communication skills so that they can be as efficient as possible. In this video we show you how to do this.

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ON24 Online - Assertiveness: beyond knowing how to say no

Monosessió | Teacher: Barcelona Activa

We will start by discovering what assertiveness is and what it is not, and we will continue to learn techniques that allow us to act assertively in the workplace.

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ON21 Online - Take the floor: verbal and non-verbal language in work

Monosessió | Teacher: Barcelona Activa

Do you dare to take the word in different situations of the work context? To achieve this, you have two modules in this course: In the first one, we will explore what characterizes oral communication and, together with the strategies provided and the analysis of practical cases, you will be able to understand how to make an appropriate use of oral communication. You'll even find keys to speak in public effectively. In the second module we will deal with how, thanks to non-verbal language, our communication is more accurate and effective. At the end of the course you will understand how to make effective use of verbal and non-verbal language, in an integrated way in your oral communication in the work context.

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ON20 Online - The secrets of written communication

Monosessió | Teacher: Barcelona Activa

Do you want to know the secrets of written communication? To achieve this, in this course you have two modules. In the first we will explore, in depth, the written communication, understanding its impact in the context of the job. In the second you will decipher the keys to improve your digital communication. At the end of the course, you will be able to develop written communications in the workplace context effectively.

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EC10 - Aula Virtual- Power talk: communicating with clarity, relevance and impact

Monosessió | Teacher: Breaktru Management (Mitch Berman)

Communication is one of the most important skills in today's competitive business landscape. The difference between success and failure often depends on how well you present yourself, your message, and your value in order to influence others and achieve results.

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EC282 - Aula Virtual - Nova realitat i entorns virtuals. Comunico correctament? (Nou)

Monosessió | Teacher: SC2 Formació

Vols descobrir com aprofitar les possibilitats que t¿ofereix la comunicació on-line? Tant si ja coneixes quins són els elements fonamentals per comunicar bé i vols pujar un esglaó més d¿excel·lència comunicativa, o vols començar de zero, aquest és el teu curs. Aprendràs a aplicar (en directe) [SJS1] la teva competència utilitzant correctament els propis recursos i descobriràs els secrets de la comunicació on line.

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