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A nursery school head teacher is the head of an early childhood education school (children aged 0 to 3 years), and hence is the professional tasked with managing the school in all its aspects: institutional relations, administration, human and material resources and education plan.

Thus the head teacher is the key figure at the school who, in addition to their educational tasks, defines the school's objectives, sets the timetable for implementing the actions that make up the education plan, organises and supervises services, analyses the school's operations by tracking indicators, procedures, protocols and work instructions, coordinates labour and methodology aspects, manages and motivates staff and plans the school's financial management.

They are therefore an education professional but one who is highly focused on people management and school management and have great responsibility.


The main duties of a nursery school head teacher are as follows: institutional and international relations, continuous learning, timetabling, monitoring and assessment, human and material resources management and organisation and coordination of the school's educational activities. Below are each of the tasks associated with each function: Institutional relations:
  • Represent the school in its relations with other public and private institutions and in public activities such as workshops, meetings or conferences that the school may attend.
  • Coordinate the reception of and activities with people from other schools forming part of joint European or international programmes.
Continuous learning:
  • Present the school's annual plan and its continuous learning or education plan.
  • Programme and coordinate the school¿s teaching meetings.
Timetabling, monitoring and assessment:
  • Present the school's education plan and curriculum to the public institution that subsidises them, if any, and to the parents of children attending the school.
  • Draw up reports and annual reports in conjunction with the rest of the teaching staff.
  • Establish mechanisms for ongoing cooperation with the teaching staff.

Human and material resources management and organisation:

  • Chair staff meetings and academic events that are conducted at the school.
  • Lead the teaching staff and coordinate their activities with those performed by cleaning, kitchen and maintenance staff.
  • Coordinate management and communication with families and children.
  • Draw up and present the financial report for the previous school year in conjunction with the teaching staff. Manage the school budget and report expenditure every quarter.
  • Ensure that the school has appropriate human resources to achieve optimal service quality and comply with regulations.
Coordination of the school's educational activities:
  • Ensure compliance with regulations that affect the school and the fulfilment of education plan objectives and staff decisions.
  • Coordinate the school's teaching, administrative and support staff and chair meetings.
  • Ensure the quality of the teaching provided to each group of children.
  • Verify that educational and material resources are sufficient and in good condition.
  • Decide on how children's assessment reports are to be drawn up and coordinate their production by teachers.
  • If a member of the teaching staff, ensure that their group achieves the objectives set out in the education plan.

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