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In compliance with Organic Law 15/1999, of 13 December, under the Personal Data Protection Act, we inform you that data collected will form part of an automated file, under the ownership of BARCELONA ACTIVE SPM S.A., with registered office at 162-164 Calle Llacuna, Barcelona, with the aim of managing enrollments and of informing of the company's activities and services within its field of action. You will be able to exercise access rights, rectification, cancel cancellation and/or opposition via written communication to the Legal Services of BARCELONA ACTIVE SPM S.A. at the aforementioned address.

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Hair removal specialist


This professional is an aesthetician specialised in the removal of the body hair using various techniques and procedures. Hair removal is one of the oldest concerns with regard to aesthetics and personal beauty. Although there have been many advances in this field, it is still the most demanded service at beauty centres. Specialisation in this activity results from the numerous hair removal solutions that exist, from shaving, creams, wax, up to electrical and laser hair removal, etc, each suitable for different types of skin and hair. The recent general incorporation of men into the field of hair removal is also an important new development, which has considerably increased the number of customers interested in these services.


  • Receive the customer with the person with whom they have normally made the appointment and ask about the type of hair removal they are interested in and the areas to be treated. If appropriate, make a prior estimate.
  • Assess the characteristics of the area with the hair to be removed, deciding which techniques are most suitable in each case. The growth and type of body hair depends on various factors related to one's genes, hormones, diet, etc.
  • Once the technique has been decided, together with the customer, select and prepare the technical resources necessary to provide the service. Always under the best health and safety conditions.
  • Ask the customer to lie on the treatment bed or in the position that is best for the hair removal process. Provide information at all times on the process and, afterwards, on the care that must be given to the skin in order to keep it in optimal condition.
  • Remove the hair using mechanical, electrical or radio frequency procedures, depending on the selected technique. Sometimes simply bleaching the hair is sufficient. If necessary, apply creams or cosmetics on the areas where the hair has been removed.
  • Charge for the services, according to the previously-established rates.
Some specifications for the different hair removal techniques are:
  • If there is little hair which is very fine, use the bleaching method, which consists of dyeing it to a very light shade, making it almost unnoticeable.
  • The methods of cutting or shaving, using razors or hair removal creams, are another possibility, but these are more commonly carried out by the customers themselves in their home, rather than coming to a professional for the service.
  • The method of plucking, consisting of removing the hair from the root, can be carried out using tweezers, wax, electrolysis or laser equipment.
  • Hair removal with hot, lukewarm or cold wax is one of the methods most commonly requested of aestheticians. With this system, especially if carried out by a waxing professional, the hair is gradually weakened. In order to provide the service properly, the aesthetician must be familiar with the different types of wax that exist, the different uses, subsequent skin reactions, etc.
  • Electrolysis consists of applying a current to the base of the hair follicle to destroy the germinal cells. There are different types according to the type of current that is applied; the professional must decide which is most appropriate based on the customer's hair type, colour, thickness, skin type and degree of sensitivity. One must receive proper training, which is usually offered by the same establishments that sell the equipment, in order to correctly use the currents and know the application technique.
  • Hair removal using a medical laser is currently the most advanced method. Its application must always be supervised by a medical professional; aestheticians can not use the medical laser since incorrect application can cause burns and other injuries or conditions. The technique consists of the absorption of the laser light by the hair's melanin, which is why it is very effective for people with light skin and dark hair. The result is the weakening of the hair, after being "attacked" by the electromagnetic radiation. Before using the laser hair removal technique, the customer's medical history should be reviewed in order to anticipate adverse side effects and avoid contraindications.

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