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Interactive and relational marketing consultant, Marketing services consultant


These professionals offer specialized services associated with the company's marketing strategy and specializes in personalizing the message, which should facilitate a more stable and continuous relationship with customers, aimed at customer loyalty.

In order to achieve this objective, marketing consultants must implement CRM (Consumer Relationship Management) strategies and manage computerized database systems that contain all the information of current and potential customers and that must allow them to predict customer behaviour and carry out promotions that have a higher incidence.

Often marketing consultants work in multidisciplinary teams made up of designers, creatives who create the message, programmers who design the support of the message and experts in the management and exploitation of the data that analyse the customers' profile.


  • Advise the client and establish the marketing strategy:
    Analyse and study the customer sector and evaluate the marketing strategies developed by the company so far.
    Meet with those responsible for the client's company in order to determine what message they want to transmit, as well as the bases of the campaign. Throughout the project, marketing consultants must keep in regular contact with the client company since they must report on the evolution of the project and make possible changes.
    Meet with their team of creatives, designers, programmers and data management experts in order to establish the campaign's main lines and working procedure.
    Set the objectives of the campaign, such as increasing sales, loyalty of a certain customer profile or the presentation of a new product/service.
    Define how to get customer information: through existing lists in the market or through an agreement with the customer company for which the campaign is being carried out.
  • Control and manage customer information and organize the company's CRM (Customer Relationship Management) strategy with all its implications: relational database, personalized response to customers, coordination with the different company departments.
  • Prepare the communication plan based on the information obtained:
    Design the marketing strategies that will be applied to the messages that will be sent to the clients.
    Make personalized monitoring of available data to draw conclusions.
    Prepare periodic reports in order to check the results of the marketing and research campaign.
    Define the advertising placement possibilities: banners, online advertising texts, commercial newsletter, agreements reached with different websites, blogs or influencers related to the product/service that the client commercializes, etc.
    Monitor the implemented marketing strategy and study the results by preparing surveys and statistics.
  • Check that business plans are developed in compliance with current regulations regarding direct and interactive marketing, such as the Law on Protection of Personal Data and Guarantee of Digital Rights.

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