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The headhunter is in charge of finding the ideal candidate for a particular job, usually one with a high degree of responsibility, requiring a high level of skill and technical-professional specialisation. Most headhunters specialise in different professional fields, given that in addition to the CV's they may receive, they must also make use of their personal knowledge and their own contacts in the sector. Once a certain number of candidates has been selected, provide the client business with the relevant references to help them make their final choice.


  • Compile the potential candidates' demands regarding certain positions or companies and organize them. In order to know the exact job, meet with the client company and establish the required professional profile, in other words, which characteristics, skills and abilities the applicant should have. Once a certain number of candidates has been selected, provide the client business with the relevant references to help them make their final choice.
  • Search for suitable candidates for the different occupations the client requires:
    Proceed to a preliminary selection among the demands which are already included in the database and contact them.
    Must often turn to contacts in the sector in which the required professional profiles are commonly found in order to obtain recommendations for persons with a similar profile.
    Spread the job offers that they manage and publish them on different job portals or professional networks in order to reach a greater number of possible candidates.
    Carry out an active search in the different professional portals and networks and contact potential candidates (with whom they have not been in contact by any of the previous routes) who have a professional profile like that required.
    Try to collect a sufficient number of candidates potentially suitable for the job and contact them (by telephone or email) to set up an interview.
  • Interview potential candidates and assess their suitability for the position required (educational level, previous experience, skills, abilities, etc.) and their degree of interest for the job via questions, tests, etc. During the interview, take the opportunity to probe which job conditions (salary, schedules, other benefits, etc.) the candidate would agree to.
  • Analyse intelligence and psychological test results, request references from the candidate's former employers and, using all this information and the conclusions drawn from the interviews, carry out a preliminary selection and deliver a proposal listing eligible candidates to the client business.
  • Tell the candidates chosen by the company about their prospective duties and responsibilities, wages, schedules, work conditions, opportunities for promotion and professional development within the company.
  • Once the incorporation has been effective, together with the client company carry out an initial follow-up of the person or persons hired.
  • Enter the details of candidates who were not chosen into the job-seeker database to cover future potential demands.
  • Ensure that these records are kept up to date and expand them.

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