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Porta22 Knowledge Network

The Barcelona Activa Porta22 has always worked on a collaborative logic of knowledge which has enabled a stable network of partners to be built: Porta22 Knowledge Network. This relationship with agents and entities in the territory has enabled citizens to be brought to the reality of a constantly changing jobs market, the evolution of the city's economic sectors and the professional opportunities that are produced.

This Knowledge Network is formed by partners of knowledge by area of experience or action:

Knowledge Partners from the Academic World: related to the world of education and training on any level, they work with Porta22 in starting up programs of academic and professional guidance.

Sector Knowledge Partners: aware of the reality of a certain economic sector, these collaborate with Porta22 in defining the sector tendencies in terms of employment and professional outlets.

Knowledge Partners from the Labour World: close to the reality of the working world and the different professionals, these collaborate in defining opportunities and starting up guidance and job search actions for their groups.

Knowledge Partners from the Business World: Private companies which are also key players on the jobs market and who wish to be committed to the objectives of Porta22 and be linked to the project.

Each of these partners collaborates in the areas or specialities in which they are able to give their knowledge. The relationship established between the two parties is always one of collaboration, trying to find strategies that favour work in an alliance to achieve common or complementary objectives.

Institutional partners

· Government of

· European Regional Development

· European Social

Knowledge Partners from the Academic World

· Barcelona Education

· BCN Vocational Training Foundation:

· Catalan Institute of Professional

· Universityof

· BarcelonaAutonomous

· PompeuFabra

· Association of Friends of the

· CataloniaInternational

· FCCB - Ramon Llull University:

Sector Knowledge Partners

· Instituteof Health

· Biocat, BioRegion of

· Barcelona Centre of


· Instituteof Security

· Tertúlia

· Centre of Metallurgic Studies and Advice,

· Agricultural Food Development and Economy Research Centre,

· LeitatTechnological

· Cosmobelleza

Knowledge Partners from the Labour World

· Ministry of Employment, Government of

· Catalonia Guild of

· Barcelona Guild of Surveyors, Technical Architects and Building

· Barcelona Official School of

· Catalonia Guild of Industrial

· Catalonia Guild of

· Barcelona Official School of

· Professional Association of Cultural Managers of

· Intercultural Nexuses of Youth for

Knowledge Partners from the Business World

· Pimec: Micro, Small and Medium Enterprise of


· Manpower




· 22@Network:
Essential Institute by Cris Bolívar

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