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Glossari d'Interessos professionals

In this Dictionary we have identified a group of professional interests associated with those job opportunities currently offered in the market: a total of 18 fields of interest to describe which job profiles are more remarkable in each field and the motivations that feature the people with those interests. To get to know which are your fields of professional interest is the first step in your process of self-knowledge and identification of your professional goal.

People who show an interest in the artistic field enjoy expressing ideas and feelings through the language of art A creative spirit and the motivation to convey concepts or emotions are inherent to this interest. This field includes all the activities that are oriented towards creating artistic products in their various forms: works that are musical, cinematographic or visual in nature, as well as dance and related arts.
Customer service
Direct and personal interaction with people and relating to the public are highly-motivating activities for individuals who have an interest in the field of customer service. A focus on people and on satisfying customers' needs is key in the occupations included in this field. These jobs entail the need to know suitable techniques for attending to the public and being able to give appropriate service that is tailored to their needs and expectations. Good examples are activities which offer assistance and guidance during functions, trips or at facilities, and those which provide advice in relation to products and services.
Physical well-being and personal image
People related to the field of physical well-being and personal image are interested in carrying out activities aimed at the care, maintenance and improvement of one's image and physical condition. These activities entail personal contact with the client, offering a service that takes into account their needs, as well as their tastes and preferences. Activities that represent this field include advising and the application of aesthetic, cosmetic and physical treatments.
Those who show a preference for the field of communication are interested in the generation and dissemination of information. This information, however, can have various purposes: provide information on events and occurrences, generate public opinion on a certain topic or promote and publicise a service or product. Carrying out these activities requires knowledge of various techniques aimed at communication, persuasion and marketing.
People who show an interest in the field of design enjoy creating forms, styles and effects that improve the aesthetics, features or user-friendliness of products and spaces. This field of interest includes all the activities related to fashion and accessories design (clothes, jewellery) and interior design (furniture, window dressing). Creativity and knowledge of new trends are key in the carrying out of these activities in the professional world.
People who work in the field of training are interested in transmitting knowledge, responsibilities and values through learning techniques and educational processes, with a view to helping others develop their skills and abilities. Activities that are specific to this field include prior assessment of the student's characteristics and needs, design of the teaching materials, as well as monitoring and support during the learning process.
The organisation, administration and control of a company or entity are the main interests of people related to the management field. Activities included in this field of interest vary from effective resource management, feasibility analyses and solving business problems to the development of skills and fostering of motivation in relation to human resources. Knowledge regarding specific techniques of strategic administration and business management are required to carry out these activities.
The key interests of people who are interested in the field of humanities are studying the activity of human beings over time as well as their cultural and artistic expressions. Activities that represent this field are the creation of cultural products and the organisation of exhibitions and events, in addition to the promotion of actions for the preservation and dissemination of an artistic group. Significant knowledge of cultural, historical and linguistic heritage is required to carry out these activities.
People who are interested in the legal field like occupations related to legislation and the law. This field of interest includes advising people and institutions in legal matters, representing them in judicial processes and managing the documentation and procedures necessary for these processes. Carrying out these activities entails the study and knowledge of legal regulations and matters in their various scopes of application.
The planning, organisation, control and carrying out of logistics and administrative tasks are the focus of people who work in the field of logistics. Activities in the field of logistics include the organisation and planning of supply, storage, production and distribution systems, taking inventories, controlling stock and estimating production, as well as the organisation and/or carrying out of the administrative tasks necessary for the implementation of these activities. Knowledge of organisation, control and management techniques is essential for carrying out these activities.
Mechanical handling
People related to the field of mechanical handling are interested in the assembly, maintenance, repair and use of machines, tools and installations. Some good examples of professional activities in the field of mechanical handling are adjusting and configuring machines, reviewing technical equipment to detect incidents in their operation, handling machinery in production processes and driving specialised vehicles.
People who work in this field focus their professional interests on the preservation, improvement or restoration of the environment (vegetation, fauna, flora) in both built-up areas and natural spaces. Some of the activities that represent this field are the detection, analysis and control of pollutants, the carrying out of measurements and tests in relation to climatic or environmental variables and the reduction of the harmful effects of human activity on the environment. The carrying out of these activities requires knowledge of the environment, for its planning and use, and of environmental regulations.
New technologies
People who show an interest in this field are motivated by the development and advanced use of new technologies in any of their applications (software, hardware, telecommunications) from an innovative perspective and in accordance with the continuous updates of technologies, programmes and equipment that appear on the market. The design, installation, management and maintenance of computer systems and new technologies are activities specific to this field.
Scientific research
Individuals who have an affinity for the field of scientific research focus their interest on activities that study different types of organisms and substances in order to obtain valuable products for human beings. A key part of performing this task is the planning and verification of scientific hypotheses through the use of different research designs and techniques. The objective of these searches is the development of new medicines and medical techniques, technological innovation based on the manipulation of cells, molecules and biological agents, as well as the study of cultures in order to improve the characteristics and properties of plants and food.
Working to maintain and improve health, as well as physical and mental well-being, is the primary interest of people who are involved in the field of healthcare. Some of the activities in this field include making diagnoses, prescribing treatments and monitoring illnesses and injuries. These activities also include the application of therapeutic treatments (traditional or alternative) with a view to facilitating the physical recovery of those being treated. To carry out these activities, one must have in-depth knowledge of the human body and medicine, in its various specialisations.
Those who prefer to work in the field of security enjoy carrying out duties of protection, security and surveillance of individuals, goods, data or information. Activities such as protecting people who work with an entity and their staff in order to prevent offences and crimes, as well participating in processes that investigate criminal activity are examples of the professional tasks that comprise this field. Knowing the laws that are applicable in the field or professional context within which this task takes place is key when carrying out these kinds of activities.
Social community worker
Individuals related to the social/community field have an interest in working to improve people's social well-being and quality of life, as well as enhance their integration into their social, family and/or work environment. The professional activities that are common in this field include providing special support and aid to people at risk of social exclusion, designing programmes and implementing resources for the social and cultural stimulation of an area, and acting as mediators for conflict resolution in family, social or interpersonal environments. These activities involve constant interaction with people in order to improve their psychological and social well-being.
People who show an interest in the technical field find fulfilment in carrying out activities related to the design and manufacture of objects, machines, vehicles and/or infrastructures. These activities require the application of scientific and technical knowledge (laws of physics, calculations and mathematical formulas, properties of the materials, etc). Creativity is also necessary when coming up with optimal solutions for the functional requirements of the products to be designed. Therefore, the pragmatic application of scientific knowledge in order to develop solutions for the benefit of human beings is the main function of occupations in the technical field.

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