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Access to job offers

Every day we manage job offers. Do you want to know how to sign up on them?

What type of job offers do we manage?

In Barcelona Activa we manage job offers in three different ways:

1. Job offers managed through the Business-Employment Platform
The main part of the job offers we receive are managed through our data base of candidates. When the enterprises send us their demands for job vacancies, we search in this platform candidates who match with the solicited profile and we send them the job offer.

To receive these job offers you must be registered and signed up on the Business-Employment Platform. If you don't know how to sign up, we help you do it in these activities:

- Looking for a job? Let us find you!
We explain you briefly how to sign up in the platform

- Looking for a job? Put your competencies as a candidate in value!
Besides to signing you up in the platform, you will do our competencies test and we will help you make a first interpretation of your results.

2. Recruitment and networking activities
In Barcelona Activa we periodically organize recruitment and networking events in wich you can get in contact with companies that are searching professionals. Through these activities you will be able to speak directly with the companies and make your application to their job offers.

If you want to participate in one of these Recruitment and networking activities that we are organizing, check our agenda of activities and sign up in those that interest you by sending us your resume, and we will evaluate your adequacy to the offer.

3. Job offers plublished at Barcelona Treball Website
In this case, you will be able to search and sign up to the job offer that most fits to what you are looking for among the list published at the Barcelona Treball website. Once you are registered, we will evaluate your resume and send it to the compan

-If you need help to register on the Platform or sign up for offers, from the Job Search Space we can give you a hand. Contact us at 900 533 175.

Frequntly Asked Questions (faq's)

- In which sectors can I find job offers at the Business-Employment Platform?
At Barcelona Activa we receive job offers from all sectors, of very varied professional¿s profiles and from all size companies.

- Job offers have age or gender criteria?
No, we do not manage offers with these criteria. We only do it in the case that age is important for ovacancies that are linked to a subsidy to hire professionals of a determinate age (for example: young people under 30, people with over to 2 years of unemployment, etc)

- This are job offers to work at Barcelona Activa or the Barcelona City Council?
The job offers we manage are from companies outside to Barcelona Activa. Vacancies of public employment of the City Council can be consulted here and the ones from Barcelona Activa here.

- When do the recruitment and networking events take place?
These events are organized depending on the demands of the companies, so it is difficult to schedule and planify their periodicity. Usually this events are published at the website with 3 weeks of advance; also we send an email notification to the candidates registered at the Business-Employment Platform that fit the professional profile, to inform them of the publication of the event.

- If I reject a job offer, will I be unsubscribed from the Business-Employment Platform?
No. If you reject a job offer, you will only be discarded for the selection process of that offer. You will still have access to other offers that fit your professional profile and you will not be unsubscribed from the Business-Employment Platform.

- What if I find a job?
If you find a job you will be able to access to your profile in your personal space and stop being a candidate to job offers. In this case, you will stop receiving offers managed through the Business-Employment Platform but you will still have access to the rest of services of Barcelona Activa. At any moment, you can return to sign up as a candidate in the case you wish it.

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