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Guidance and assessment for youths

Support in the search for employment, training or job resources

Barcelona has Specialised Youth Employment Units whose aim is to enable the transition processes between the education system and the work system based on guidance and support.

  • What actions are carried out?

    The technical team advises all kinds of young people with special attention to those people with a lack of qualifications. Their work is based on:

- Information, guidance and support for young people, individually or in groups, with the aim of facilitating their return to the education system, labour market integration or access to other employment resources.

- Strengthening and expanding networking, based on the relationship with professionals in the field of education, youth, and other socio-labour aspects, in order to identify the city's guidance, training and employment resources, detecting areas for improvement, specifying ways of referral for young people, etc.

- Diffusion actions, based on the development of specific materials or participation in events.

  • How can you Access the programme?

- Young people who need advice to find a training resource, a training programme, experience, international mobility, etc., can participate in the group sessions that we organise weekly

- Young people can be passed on from different agents, professionals and/or entities, who are in contact with the youth population and can detect young people who need coaching and support for labour market insertion: social educators/hours, social service personnel, teachers, youth organisations, labour market guidance staff, etc.

- Young people can also directly contact the WhatsApp youth advisory service 603 805 131.

Aimed at young people between 16 and 29 years of age, formore information:

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