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A bridge to your future!

A prop Jove programme wants to become a bridge to make easier your way to the job market or your return to the educational system. It's addressed to youthwith psychological discomfort. In some situations, in which your worries are making more difficult your way to achieve your goals, we're offering to you accompanying and several sources to make your decisions easier.


For whom is that plan addressed?

- Did you had an experience with a mental blank in a stressful situation?
- Do you have any difficulties to connect with people?
- Do you feel that you can't fullfill yourself and be a part of your enviroment?
- Did you have experienced any trouble for that reasons in your

If some time you've experienced any of these situations and you don't want to transform that to a social barrier for your access to the work market, this plan is for you!

Programme adressed to youth people, from 16 to 35 years old, with psicological discomfort and with dificulties to achieve their goals in work projects or education courses.


What do we offer with this plan?

A prop Jove is offering to you a personalized accompanying to make easier your way to create your own professional career. These activities are going to get used to your profile and to your interests. You can also decide to do it yourself or with a group of persons in your situation, it depends on your needs.

This plan wants to support your way to the work market or formative courses. It's going to analyse your worries and to help you in your research for solutions. We offer to you a place in which you can be more active, you can feel accompanied, and you can have access to several sources to make your way easier:

- Accompaniment tailored to your needs
- Guidance, information and support in your way to achieve your goals in work projects or education courses
- Professionalisation training
- Training in crucial competences

- Mediation with different corporations
- Support and accompaniment while your work hiring

Si vols participar en aquest programa o necessites més informació, pots escriure'ns un correu a indicant-nos el teu interès i et contestarem en el període més breu possible.
Si ho prefereixes pots contactar-nos per telèfon: 619 003 387 / 681 330 987.

Aquest programa s'emmarca en tres instruments: l'Acord Barcelona per a l'Ocupació de Qualitat (2021-2030), el Pla de Salut Mental de Barcelona (2023-2030) i el Pla de Foment de l'Ocupació Juvenil (2020-2023).

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