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RF126 - Aula Virtual - All you need to know about LinkedIn and other employment tools

Monosessió | Conducció: UTE Pedro Rojas i Ariadna Vigueras | Durada: 02:00 Hores


This workshop is designed for English speaker's job seekers to provide with the knowledge and required skills to effectively use LinkedIn and other job search tools to secure employment opportunities.


Lenght: 2 hours

What will you achieve with this activity?

1. A well-crafted and optimized LinkedIn profile.

2. Effective networking skills for job searching.

3. The ability to search and apply for jobs through various online platforms.

4. To improve digital communication skills.

5. Better personal branding for increased job prospects.






Perfil d'entrada

People in job-hunting or professional development process.

Informació addicional

IMPORTANT: This activity will be taught virtually in streaming through the free platform Microsoft TEAMS. Entrants will receive the invitation link and access instructions by email a few hours before the start of the session.

Don't forget to identify yourself with the NAME with which we have you registered in our database + SURNAME when entering the virtual classroom, in order to confirm your attendance and be able to provide you with your certificate if you need it in the future.

Calendari previst

Aula virtual: Dijous 19 de Setembre de 2024 Horari: 16:00 - 18:00h. Idioma: Anglès

Obertura de la inscripció 04/09/2024 a les 08:30h.

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