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FOAP: Certified Training Programs

Occupation training courses distributed in different professional areas.

Training is one of the most important tools in the present situation to improve people's chance of getting jobs, to provide them with a professional change and to prepare them for gaining occupations with a future in the jobs market.

This year's training is distributed into the following areas: Trade and Marketing, Commercial Logistics and Transport Management, Design, Informatics, Social Assistance and Attention, Tourism and Hostelry.

If you are interested, you can pre-enrol below for the training action in which you wish to take part (a single option) and when the candidate selection process is open and we will contact you by electronic mail to inform you.

└rea d'AssistŔncia i Atenciˇ Social

Atenciˇ sociosanitÓria en institucions socials 2a. Ed. (tardes)
Propera inscripciˇ: 04-12-2017

└rea d'InformÓtica i Comunicaciˇ


└rea de Comerš i MÓrqueting


└rea de LogÝstica Comercial i Gestiˇ del Transport



Remember that to take part in the training you must be registered at the Employment Office of the Government of Catalonia. For further information, you can contact us at:

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