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The winery is the space dedicated to winemaking and storage until sale. The grapes arrive at the winery as a result of the harvesting process (harvest) and the mechanical treatment is carried out, generally by means of a pressing system. This is where the must or grape pulp is obtained, which will be fermented in the wineries or fermentation vats. The aging process is then applied, which allows different finishes and maturation characteristics of this must or grape pulp, and finally it is bottled and stored until its commercialization.

Wine producers take care of the winery and ensure that the processes that take place are carried out in the best conditions. These professionals usually carry out their tasks in small or very small wineries and usually take care of the entire process of wine production, which may include deciding what type of grape is planted and/or dealing with grape suppliers, and the commercialization of the finished product, that is, the bottle of wine.

However, the specific functions of this occupation will be determined by the size or dimension of the winery. In small wineries, they take care of all tasks, from grape reception to its commercialization, while in large wineries there is inevitably a specialization that will lead these professionals to focus on supervisory and directing functions of the staff who carry out the different tasks of wine production by ensuring the proper development of the entire process.

Besides that, it is increasingly common to find wineries that also function as a point of sale or that offer the option of guided tours and wine tasting. In small wineries, it is usual for these tasks related to wine tourism also to be carried out or supervised by wine producers.


  • Take care of the manufacturing process and ensure that it is carried out in the best conditions.
  • Supervise the reception of the grapes, in accordance with what is established with the supplying company, control the quality, maturity, size and type of grape for the wine production process.
  • Carry out the mechanical process in order to extract the must.
  • Ensure the correct distribution of the must to the fermentation vats depending on the type of product they want to obtain at the end of the process.
  • Ensure the correct environmental conditions (temperature, humidity, light) of the equipment where the fermentation and aging of the product take place and apply the correct deadlines for each type of wine to be made.
  • Carry out the appropriate actions for the wine containers described by the winemaker (oxygenation of the barrel, change of container, etc.) in order to ensure that the wine acquires the virtues and characteristics that make it unique and a quality wine.
  • Bottle the wine so that it continues its refinement process.
  • Control the marketing process of the different products that are produced in the winery, either direct sale to the public or sending orders to distribution companies.
  • In the case of small wineries, assume the sales and marketing functions associated with economic and territorial promotion phenomena such as wine tourism, school visits to the winery, organization of tasting workshops, among others.
  • Ensure compliance with analytically established regulatory tests in order to ensure the quality and food safety of the product and comply with the associated administrative control processes.
  • Attend audits of official regulatory bodies.

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