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These professionals create and carry out therapeutic actions with healing purposes based on acupuncture and techniques of the Chinese traditional medicine with the aim of achieving improvements in the processes of physical and psychical recovery of people with clear pathologies. These therapeutic actions may be specific activities but also extra activities within the framework of a more generic health programme.

Acupuncture involves the insertion of needles into different parts of the body with the aim of release the obstructions of the energy fields and balance the body meridians.


  • Write the patient medical record or interpret his or her diagnosis in order to establish the programme and specifically direct acupuncture sessions. Examine a patient and diagnose his or her problems, based on the principles of acupuncture (energy fields and meridians), using terms in Pinyin (energy flows) and standard nomenclature for acupuncturists.
    If he/she is a health professional, interpret and utilise other diagnostic systems and medical history provided by the patient, from the perspective of other medicines. Evaluate also the effectiveness of other treatments performed on the patient beforehand.
    Identify and determine, for all symptoms discussed, the causal factors involved in the onset of the disorder, according to the principles of traditional Chinese medicine.
  • Design individually, or with other professionals, a personalised treatment and therapy for the patient's problems or condition in an attempt to improve the patient's physical and mental recovery processes, based on treatment choices of acupuncture.
    Perform preparatory work on the patient prior to the acupuncture session (relaxation, proper location of the body, etc.).
    Conduct acupuncture sessions by inserting punctures with the therapeutic needles on those points of the body related to the causes of the pathology.
  • Clinically monitor patients' progress.
    Modify and make changes to the initial work plan, based on the results of the acupuncture sessions.
  • Care for and ensure that therapy tools and instruments used in work sessions and the equipment in the work area are maintained in perfect conditions of maintenance, hygiene and cleanliness.
  • Perform disinfection and hygiene tasks specifically for work instruments and physical equipment.
  • Undergo specialisation and enhancement courses on innovations in acupuncture practice.

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