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Cheerleader for extra-curricular sports activities


The sport introduction instructor plans, prepares, teaches, encourages and supervises physical, sports, recreational, individual and team activities, as well as basic physical fitness activities, with the use of the motivation methodology that is most appropriate for each activity, space and group, especially with children during free time.

This professional profile is focused on a certain sport and carry out sport instruction, training, animation, physical condition improvement and control tasks with people who learn and practice this sport. He/she works in gyms, sport schools, fitness rooms and sport facilities, centres with physical and sport activities as well as in the natural environment (water or snow activities), etc.

The sport introduction instructor often works with people who require specific attention such as school-age athletes, senior citizens, people with disabilities, people at risk of social exclusion, etc. He/she also may carry out tasks aimed at the improvement of individual persons¿ physical conditioning.


  • Plan and prepare physical and recreational activities.
    Design, promote and organise sports, recreation and games for the activities.
    Adapt the necessary spaces and materials.
  • Supervise the activities and training.
    Ensure that the sport is played safely and the quality of the activities.
    Provide first aid if needed.
  • Teach and encourage physical and recreational activities.
    Provide instruction related to the basic technical fundamentals for the carrying out of the activity.
    Guide the training of the people and teams.
    Implement the didactic methodology of the activities.
  • Teach and encourage individual physical/sports activities and games.
    Schedule activities that are appropriate for the age and technical level of the participants. Identify the physical abilities, skills and preferences of those participating in the activities in order to adapt them to the exercises, with the aim of making them more engaging and preventing physical problems.
    Design alternative complementary activities that the athlete can practice
  • Teach and encourage physical and sports activities carried out in teams.
    Schedule and lead the training sessions for the team.
    Motivate those participating in the activities.
    Educate on the values of solidarity and sportsmanship.
    Accompany and lead the team in the competition, if applicable.
    Carry out actions that motivate and encourage positive group dynamics.
  • Teach and encourage basic physical fitness activities.
    Schedule and lead activities adapted to the specific needs of each person.
    Advise those participating in the activity so that they can carry out the same exercises, or similar ones, on their own.
    Carry out physical activities for persons with physical disabilities.
  • Collaborate in other activities of the centre and coordinated with those responsible for the free-time and socio-educational activities.

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