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Professional lifesaver; Sport lifeguard


These professionals are responsible for prevention, surveillance, rescue and performing first aid in natural water areas (the ocean, reservoirs, rivers...), swimming pools and water parks.


  • Design a risk prevention plan in the area under their watch.
  • Mark out the areas reserved for bathers.
  • Take responsibility for providing information about the state of the water (how clean the water is, the tides, the state of the sea, etc.)
  • Monitor the weather conditions, sudden changes in the wind, the state of the tides, etc., so as to be able to adopt suitable preventive measures.
  • Keep watch over bathers in the water.
  • Ensure users comply with regulations (reserved bathing areas or areas where bathing is forbidden, preventing activities not allowed in the swimming pool, etc.)
  • Acquire rescue and first aid equipment, and maintain it in good condition.
  • Adapt the safety conditions for different types of bathers (children, the elderly, inexperienced swimmers, etc.)
  • Perform rescue tasks
  • Act when risk situations arise.
  • Apply first aid.
  • Where necessary, notify the medical services.

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