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Referees are a figure present in a wide variety of sports who are in charge of presiding over the game and enforcing the rules of the sport in which they participate in a neutral manner, ensuring that order is maintained and an environment of respect between players. These professionals are the highest authority on the playing court and, if necessary, they can sanction any member of the sports or technical team immediately or for the purposes of the competition in general.

Depending on the sports discipline in which they exercise, these professionals may present various denominations and must coordinate or not with other referees. In some sports modalities there are different types of referees depending on the tasks, the presence and the importance they will have in the game or competition: main referees, assistant referees, fourth officials, additional assistant referees. Finally, the number of referees required will also depend on the magnitude of the game or competition and the speciality or sport modality (for example, taekwondo, football, basketball, etc.).


  • Control the duration of the game or sports competition.
    Manage the start and the end of it, along with the different stops established by the rules of sports discipline or that the referee considers.
    Time the game or sports competition.
    Ensure that the game or competition is carried put with the least possible interference.
  • Responsible for the development of the game or sports competition.
    Supervise the correct development of the game or competition.
    Act firmly, making verdicts in situations with different interpretations.
    Management will be carried out in collaboration with other members of the arbitration team or independently.
  • Responsible for enforcing collegial regulations.
    Have authority to implement in the event that disciplinary measures established by the regulations are necessary.
    Carry out their work following arbitration ethics based on the principles of independence and impartiality.
  • Resolve conflicts.
    Responsible for mediating the existence of conflicts that may arise in the different parts of the game or sports competition.
    Ensure that an environment of respect is maintained between athletes and technical personnel.
  • Take care of players or competitors' physical integrity.
    In the case of serious injuries, they will ensure that they are transported off the field of play or competition.
  • Collect data and make reports.
    They will collect data on all disciplinary measures and on any other incident that has occurred before, during and after the game or sports competition.
    Take note of the incidents that have occurred and submit a report to the competent authorities.

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