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Lawyer specialized in Information and Communications Technology


Lawyer specialized in the legal aspects of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) and in general, in the regulation of the Internet activity of organizations. Basically, concentrated on electronic trade areas, protection of intellectual property and data management and protection in the electronic environment.


  • Understand the laws that regulate different aspects of online markets and Internet activity.
  • Advise on compliance with the legal requirements of Internet activities. Perform any required audits.
  • Design suitable legal strategies for the deployment of online activity: contracting frame, protection of personal data, payments and codes of conduct, etc.
  • Manage and defend intellectual property and copyrights in technological grassroots companies or heavy use of technology.
    Advise customers in regard to:
    Law 34/2002, of 11 July, on Services of the Information Society and E-commerce, Intellectual Property and Patents.
    The legal system for telecommunications.
    Data protection, rights and guarantees.
    Legal system of the audio-visual sector.
    Electronic signature and certification companies.
    Tax and fiscal impact of new ICT and its related services.

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