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The Risk Analyst's key role is to analyse and quantify the risks to which financial institutions and large businesses are exposed in the operations they carry out. These risks can be operational (resulting from insufficient internal management) or related to liquidity (need for funds), the market, debt, currency exchange, credit or loans and discounts.


  • Analyse financial risk operations through the study of their financial evolution, financial statements and rating (classification of a person or company's solvency).
  • Consolidate the entity's financial and statistical information through the analysis and study of sector reports and the economic climate.
  • Draw up the internal risk regulations in accordance with the recommendations on banking legislation and regulation issued by the Basel I Committee on Banking Supervision (recommendations that set the minimum amount of capital a bank must have based on the risks it assumes).
  • Monitor the financial sector's evolution, the impact of the interest rate fluctuations on the financial margin (difference between the interests and yields obtained with financial products) and of the entity's financial value.
  • Take decisions on the feasibility of the company's projects, setting short- and long-term objectives based on the analysis of the financial information that has been generated (information from within and outside the company) and identify, if necessary, possible alternatives for action: investments, financial transactions, etc.

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