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Expert in professional development. Aids and advises various professionals in achieving the desired job objectives, adapting these objectives to the reality of the person. Clients will be, as a general rule, freelance workers who, on a self-employed basis, follow a flexible professional career. This type of economy of free agents and ICT executives predominates on the internet where it is important not to commit any errors in the approach to the career. However, this does not exclude that, for example, a multinational company contracts a coach to place its workers in the position in which they produce more within the company, adapting to their objectives and personal conditions.


  • Analyze the individual's initial situation in the working environment.
    Understand and assess the professional starting point of the person seeking advice.
    Analyze the person's needs and the context in which they are working.
  • Research the customer's specialized field of work.
    Perform a qualitative study by interviewing other professionals of the same area to verify future perspectives, possibilities, etc.
    Compile information on the internet about publications, online universities and employment web sites.
    Inform recruitment companies on the demand for a particular type of professionals, the working conditions, etc.
  • Suggest variables to progress in the workplace.
    Propose any improvement actions the professional needs in the workplace.
    Define final and intermediate aims.
    Negotiate the most suitable working method with professionals (content, controls and terms) for achieving the proposed objectives.
  • Follow-up the change.
    Perform regular follow-up of what was negotiated and the evolution of the professional in their objectives.
    Strengthen advances and correct any deviations.
    Recapitulate the degree of achievement of set objectives.
    Assess the learning obtained from the process.
    Enable the professional to open successive development plans, whether independently or with guidance.
  • Provide online support to the worker.
    Provide regular support to customers using new technologies (webcam, chat, emails, etc.).
    Solve punctual, unforeseen problems with the aid of the immediacy of information technologies.

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