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Administrative manager


These professionals perform administrative tasks. They use digital formats to do so, processing, filing and searching for required documentation online. Online administratives officers' duties vary according to the department and company for which they work. Nevertheless, these professionals always utilise the same tools: the internet and specific computer software that help optimise their tasks. This occupation is evolving, both in terms of the tasks they perform and the skills they require: while a few years back, words per minute was the most essential consideration, nowadays administrative officers must be able to identify, diagnose and formulate solutions in a constantly changing business and technological context. Similarly, it is worth taking into account the recently introduced and increasingly widely used option of performing certain tasks using digital certificates.


Manage and organise information:
  • Organise and classify files and computer documentation.
  • Search for information online and request it from third parties.
  • Classify, scan, distribute and archive emails and post received.
  • Take responsibility for drafting and sending documents, email and conventional post.
  • Answer the phone and respond to queries.
  • Update the digital calendar (interviews, meetings, corporate events...).
  • Receive, pass on and monitor the input and output of information online.
  • Select and develop manual and automated filing systems in line with the established procedures, optimising the use of resources on the basis of the information needs at the company.
  • Produce relational computer files that make it possible to connect, consult and search for information.
  • Manage information using computerised databases.
Oversee and manage stock supplies:
  • Supervise orders placed electronically.
  • Oversee and manage stock supplies: Record the entries and withdrawals of stock either using the computer or on paper.

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