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These professionals are responsible for supervising and overseeing a company's budgeting and financial processes, monitoring and supervising the drafting of accounting and financial statements and reporting directly to the managing director. This is a standard role in large companies and multinationals in all areas of activity. In this type of company, the chief financial officer usually forms part of the executive committee and, as such, they perform tasks of strategic importance in areas affecting the running of the company, for example, the optimisation of the management systems, the design of development strategies, and the human resources policy.


  • Analyse the company's financial statement by studying the balance sheet (company's financial position) and the profit and loss account (financial performance of the annual accounting period).
  • Manage and supervise the company's economic and financial resources in order to work with the best conditions of cost, liquidity (quality of the assets to convert them into cash), return and security through:
    • Management of the financial variables, i.e., review of cash management, requested loans, planned investments, as well as collections and payments.
    • Negotiation with banking and financial institutions to reduce bank fees and interest.
  • Minimise the company's fiscal costs (tax returns and taxes).
  • Supervise the company's relationship with third parties: external auditor(s), administrations, clients and suppliers.
  • Prepare the annual accounts through the analysis of the company's balance sheet as well as its financial and economic reports (document with financial information) in order to identify the viability of the investments.
  • Carry out the selection, training and management of the team.

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