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Traditionally, creative teams are made up of a copywriter and an art director. They create the campaign together, although during the production stage each of them carries out different and complementary functions. the copywriter is responsible for the written part and the sound, while the art director is responsible for the visual side. In a tumultuous environment such as the current one, communication service firms are searching for more effective ways of addressing their clients' needs, both through conventional advertising and through new forms of communication. Thus, new types of agencies, structures and jobs are emerging. The position of the versatile creative is one of these emerging figures, able to deal with any communication commissions with set targets and strategies.


  • Analyse the client brief. Compile information about the market, consumers, the competition, distribution, and the marketing and communication targets. This includes drawing up the budget for the advertising campaign and the presentation for the agency to be used as a base and instruction guide for designing the advertising strategy.
  • Draw up and/or contribute to the creative brief. Compile the strategic information used by advertising agencies to design creative advertising content.
  • Draw up advertising strategies. Define the creative strategy (conceptualising and devising advertising messages) and the media strategy (selecting and planning media platforms).
  • Choice of media, where necessary. Choose media platforms for the advertising message (television, radio, press, online, etc.). Select specific communication outlets (TV3, RAC1, El Peridico, etc.). Determine the frequency, sections, journalists, days and slots for screening/printing of the advert. Draw up and distribute budgets and negotiate with the different outlets.
  • Devise, execute, coordinate and oversee advertising campaigns. Devise the creative strategy. Carry out the actions planned for the advertising campaign. Coordinate teams, technical and technological resources and suppliers. Distribute the budget and payments. Monitor all of the actions involved in the campaign and the campaign as a whole while it is being run.
  • Design and creativity within online and multimedia environments. Create, describe and develop the design object using IT tools: JavaScript, CSS, DOM, HTML, etc. Produce the graphic elements involved on the website and associated reproduction processes. Produce images. Develop mechanisms to improve access to and usability of the virtual space, in other words, make it easier to use IT tools.
  • Plan and produce the actions involved in the advertising campaign. Final production (final artwork, etc.) of any audiovisual or sound-based advertising material. Select suppliers (printers, etc.) and oversee material (colours, formats, volumes, etc.).

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