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Innovation projects promoter


In the field of innovation, projects require large investments and this carries a very high risk. In this context, investment and innovation managers are essential to understanding in detail the totality and complexity of the project in which they are investing.

The function of this professional is to identify new technological solutions, whether linked to specific projects, new business ideas or entrepreneurial initiatives, carry out economic analysis and advise on the investments to be made. His/her objective is to promote the technological development of different sectors (ICT, biotechnology, Smart Cities...) obtaining the maximum economic performance.

This professional conducts continuous market prospecting (searching news in specialized media, contacting with technology companies, identifying market studies, etc.) and analyses the information obtained to assess the suitability of investing in. This research and diagnosis methodology forces this professional to keep up with both the technological areas of priority action and their economic situation, as well as the solutions applied.

This professional may work as a freelance or as an employee. If he/she works as an employee, he/she usually works in organizations developing intermediation services between companies, entrepreneurs and investors (business angels networks), or in venture capital funds and seed money/seed capital.


Diagnose the feasibility of the technology project.
  • Analyse the economic data and the market situation and their financial options.
  • Analyse ideas, projects and technology companies in order to identify those that may become an alternative investment.
  • Analyse the return on future growth opportunities, new lines of business, mergers and acquisitions.

Assess the investment and advise client companies
  • Decide on the suitability of investing and assess about the amount of capital to invest in each project.
  • Advise clients on investments in innovative companies and/or projects and provide analytical support when necessary.
  • Write reports and recommendations based on financial statements and statements of accounts.
  • In charge of the financial valuation for the IPO of a company.

Negotiate investment conditions on the basis of their network of business contacts.
  • Contact with other potential investors or stakeholders to look for new funding sources and/or to be the initial mediator between the client company and investors.
  • Maintenance and expand the network of business contacts doing visits or meetings with companies, innovative business groups, entrepreneurs, development agencies, parks and technology centres, universities or business schools.

Participate in the development of the innovative idea and monitor it
  • Contribute with their knowledge and experience to the reorganization of the company, its constitution or business development.
  • Monitor the business idea, its market penetration and future options.

Keep looking for future projects
  • Manage, control and supervise workers performing tasks of finding new projects, feasibility studies and investment appraisal.
  • Write studies on the potential economic value of the results of research still being conducted.

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