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The expert in teleworking systems advises the client companies in the organization and application of teleworking systems. This professional, in the first place, must analyse the needs of the company, its processes and the jobs, and secondly, must evaluate them and introduce technological solutions that best optimise the transfer of information from a traditional, face-to-face work system to a remote work process.


  • Advise client companies on the issues they must consider prior to introducing a telework system.
  • Analyse the areas of the company that could be optimised using telework and any risks they might run.
  • Analyse the jobs susceptible to telework systems, considering the teams' organization and the corporation's corporate culture.
  • Alongside the client, analyse the organisation of tasks that can potentially be performed through telework.
  • Learn about the communication processes that exist at the company by talking to workers, and identify areas for improvement.
  • Design and integrate the telework processes, ensuring it is compatible with the other processes at the company.
  • Design the methods for interaction between teleworkers and the company.
  • Design an ICT solutions action and implementation plan.
  • Design the training programme for the new tools (e.g. the use of laptops, mobile terminals, etc.).
  • Apply the proposed telework plan and choose the most suitable technological tools.
  • Oversee, coordinate and specify the technical application of the system.
  • Monitor and perform maintenance on the project implemented.
  • Measure results and trends.
  • Identify new business opportunities that could result from the introduction of telework.

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