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Lawyers are the legal figures that exercise advice and counsel in legal matters, defend the interests of the parties in a trial or in other judicial and administrative processes.
Within the legal area, they can specialize in various areas depending on their studies, knowledge and experience:

  • Tax-Fiscal area: focused on tax management and the implementation of current tax regulations. Due to its complexity, those that require this advice are companies, corporations, families with large assets or international workers. These professionals are hired directly by the Tax Agency.
  • Commercial area: aimed at drafting contracts, reviewing clauses, generating associate agreements, or advising on company meetings. In short, it is a field closely related to business management, as well as in the area of entrepreneurship and the promotion of new businesses. The business registers of each province often have legal professionals for specific business advice.
  • Labour area: linked to labour processes to defend either workers or companies' interests. (For more information see the occupation 'Labour lawyer').
  • Civil and Procedural area: focused on defending individuals' interests against other individuals (natural or legal people). They are related to family processes, claims for amounts, claims for compensation, insurance, inheritances, resources for fines, evictions, etc. These professionals stay in permanent contact with the Courts of First Instance, Consulates, Courts and/or Provincial Courts.
  • Criminal Law: focused on the defence of crimes established in the Penal Code (crimes against people and life, against the administration, economic crimes, etc.) The function of this professional is to assist and defend the client's interests in statements, during the investigation and in the oral trial phase. They can be private or part (when designated and paid by the client), or ex officio (when designated by the Bar Association) and can be free or not, depending on whether the person meets a series of requirements, mostly of a character economic. In the case of judicial procedure, they mainly intervene in the Investigating Court, Criminal Courts and in the Provincial Court. In certain cases, they also intervene in the National Court.
  • Real Estate area: aimed at land sale and foreign investment processes in Spain or litigation in owner's communities or construction companies.
  • Data protection area: focused on compliance with the legislation associated with the protection of personal data, both from the point of view of the rights and individuals and the obligations of the persons and entities that process this data. (For more information see the occupation 'Compliance lawyer').
  • Other areas of work where law is practiced would be in the area of computing or when managing sites and/or hiring telecommunications projects (for more information see the occupation 'Expert IT lawyer'), among others.


  • Client assistance and advice at all stages proceedings and acts: beginning, complaint/grievance, research/instruction, imputation, accusation, judgment and execution of judgment. This task includes client support during the trial, if necessary.
  • Search for the most favourable and fair interpretation of the law for the interests of their clients.
  • To present requests to search evidence and necessary resources according to the law, in favour of the interests they defend.
  • To develop specialized dictums: criminal decisions and positions on a particular hypothesis.
  • Drafting of the required documentation: legal technical reports, responses to notifications, trial instances, contracts, requests or complaints.

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