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Big Data expert is the professional who designs the application process of Big Data systems in companies, including: to analyze the needs of data exploitation (quantification of data volume to be processed, type of data analysis, and storage capacity); to dimension the system based on these needs; to design and plan a security system; to track, and support its implementation; to train company staff in Big Data system operation; or to participate in the strategic development of the company, providing information about Big Data system possibilities.

Big Data expert works, usually in technology consulting firms that design server applications in Java/J2EE environments, Oracle, Microsoft, Host / Cobol, among others, and integrate security solutions or business intelligence, as Hadoop, Hive and Pig.


Analysis of needs about data exploitation:

¿ To quantify the volume of data to be processed and of the digital universe (internet, social networks ...) to be handled.
¿ To analyze the type of data to be managed (text, video, images, ...), its use (static or dynamic), and to size the bandwidth needed to treat them.
¿ To identify the storage capacity needed to manage the volume of data with security.

Big Data systems implementation:

¿ To propose the most appropriate Big Data solution considering the analysis, and manage its implementation.
¿ To set the security system to prevent risks (data encryption, malware scan or exhaust systems ...).
¿ To provide solutions to incidents that may arise from the final integration of Big Data systems.

System monitoring and support to its Implementation:

¿ To make the necessary checks to ensure that the system works properly: quality tests, pilot tests ...
¿ To train staff in Big Data system operation implemented.
¿ To participate in strategic development of the company providing information about Big Data possibilities and to propose new solutions.
¿ To prepare technical documentation related to Big Data project: design of the structure, rationale of its approach and description of the functionalities.

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