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Broadcast system production or manufacturing manager.


The production manager is in charge of supervising and managing the entire production process, assembling and calibrating the professional equipment used to broadcast TV, digital radio, radio link and telephone network transmitters. Also responsible for production follow-up and the resolution of incidents. This task often involves the reprogramming of different manufacturing phases and orders. In the event that the position of production planner does not exist, s/he must assume his/her tasks, that is, establish the temporal planning of activities, resources and any orders which need to be manufactured.


  • Analyse existing production systems and strategies, selecting the ones best suited to the characteristics of the company.
  • Plan and monitor production, handling any potential incidents.
  • Plan and supervise corrective and preventative maintenance tasks.
  • In charge of guaranteeing that the production line meets established standards and quality levels.
  • Design and optimise work positions, managing and supervising the technical staff under his/her responsibility. Also in charge of planning staff training.
  • Interact with the other departments of the company, especially purchasing and supply.
  • Participate in company management meetings, presenting department reports.

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