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Technical sales engineer


The pre-sale engineer is a position associated with the company sales team but whose work goes beyond sales in themselves. Technological training is required but with a commercial vocation and communication skills, this professional is responsible for providing technical support to the proposals of the sales team. The primary functions are to ensure that computer solutions and technological proposals to customers are accurate in the technical field, and to explain the characteristics and advantages of the system being offered in understandable language. Therefore, this profile must be up-to-date with the technological advances of the sector as well as the products offered by competitors.


  • Make proposals to the client.
    Be advised on customer needs by the account manager who has a more commercial professional profille and acts as contact with the customer.
    Draft the technical part of the proposals made to the customer about products or ICT solutions.
  • Support the sales team.
    Work in conjunction with the sales team in preparing proposals for the customer.
    Present the product or computer solution to the customer from a technical point of view.
    Aid sales representatives to "define the customer's technical need" for the product being presented.
    Document the product or computer solution in such a way that its technological advantages can be translated into "commercial language".
    Prepare demonstrations and presentations of the product or solution.
  • Manage implementation of the solution proposed to the client (if there is no specifically dedicated figure).
    Specify the final design of the computer solution.
    Coordinate implementation of the project in its entirety once sold to the customer (unless this function is assigned to the account engineer).
    Transfer responsibilities to the company's technical teams.
    Ensure communication between the customer and the company to be able to assess how the product works and if it fulfills customer expectations (unless this function is assigned to the account engineer).
    Define the control of incidents (turnaround times, etc.)
  • Provide technical support for product development.
    Provide technological support for the development, launch and later maintenance of new products.
    Provide support to Product Managers so that they can better develop and promote products.
  • Assess the company's products and those of the competition.
    Make a technological assessment of the computer solutions and products offered to customers.
    Also examine products from the competitors to establish comparative strengths and weaknesses.
    Define a technological test method for company and competitor products.

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