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Systems project leader


Systems consultants are responsible for solving design issues that affect the functioning of ICT Systems (systems with hardware, software and communications devices, such as networks, servers, mobile devices, etc.). In addition, design and implement quality technical solutions for the clients.

These professionals usually coordinate a team specialising in systems. They must inform client companies of technological advances and develop new products and services that help them expand properly. The solutions they propose must be custom-made; the proposal must be efficient and must be able to be produced in a realistic time period. Clients may be an external company or the company itself (in the case of large businesses).

These professionals have a hybrid role between market knowledge and dealing with clients, with a technical specialisation.


  • Directly negotiate with the client.
    Analyse client's needs.
    Translate the needs that the client has communicated in a systems integration project, which may involve a change in software or hardware.
    Use modern methods and techniques in order to optimise the economic performance of clients.
    Keep the client informed about the progress of the project and about possible deviations.
    Determine training for the client once the new system is installed.
  • Manage the project in an overall manner.
    Plan, define resources, and conduct the functional and organic analysis and the development and implementation of the system.
  • Technically manage the project.
    Take responsibility for possible extensions to the project.
    Solve technical problems that may arise during the project.
    Guarantee the quality of the integrated system delivered.
  • Organise time and resources.
    Create a detailed agenda with the timing for the various parts of a project.
    Define how tasks (structuring, creation of bases, scheduling) will be distributed among team members.
    Prioritise more important tasks.
    Monitor and correct the progress of different phases of a project.
    Establish critical points that may arise in the design and development of the system in order to obtain the best results.
  • Lead the team.
    Coordinate and supervise the systems team (architects, integrators).
    Set clear objectives and timing to be fulfilled.
    Ensure that the team complies with deadlines and that the project stays within the budget.
    Establish fluid communication among team members participating in the project.

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