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In Avionics Engineering projects, we refer to the electronics - all the equipment relating to communications functions, to elements measuring the position (flight altitude, GPS positioning, etc.), security, navigation and flight control. In general, this encompasses all electronic devices and electrics used onboard a plane, satellite or rocket. The main features of this job are that real-time operating systems and should subject to requirements of Aeronautics software development regulations. Real-time operating systems are designed to host software applications that process information immediately and give a rapid response to system users.


  • Develops operational software for equipment, and that should be installed. This professional bases him/herself on the functional requirements that the system should satisfy and in the relationship between the equipment and components that integrate it. This task includes the equipment configuration, such as the creation of specific software, whose nature will vary depending on the project.
  • Apply aeronautical regulations to software development. In addition, this individual is in charge of the support documentation that establishes these regulations.
  • Analyse the reliability and security of instrumental systems involved.
  • Manage the undertaking of the different tests that correspond to each programme and of the entirety of the software subsystem developed.

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