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Railway train drivers are the professionals responsible for driving passenger trains, metros, trams and freight trains, among other types of railway vehicles, on short and long journeys, as well as manoeuvring operations. It is worth noting that there are two types of driving licences applicable to railway vehicles, depending on the distance covered and the maximum speed reached: class A and class B licences. These licences authorise railway vehicle drivers to drive trains under certain specific conditions.


Railway train drivers' main responsibilities depend on the type of driving licence they possess. According to whether they have a type A or type B licence, they are responsible for the following:
  • Driving class-A rail vehicles, which implies:
    • Performing train manoeuvre operations.
    • Driving work trains for a maximum distance of 100 km at a maximum speed of 60 km/h.
    • Driving auxiliary railway vehicles, used for the maintenance and construction of the railway network.
    • Driving vehicles when required to carry out manoeuvres.
  • Driving class-B rail vehicles, which implies:
    • Performing all of the tasks that class-A licence holders are required to carry out.
    • Driving railway vehicles of any kind on any of the lines that make up the network, irrespective of the distance of the journey and the maximum speed required.
Additionally, all railway train drivers, whether they hold the type A or type B licence, carry out the following tasks:
  • Liaising with the control centre and following the instructions received, ensuring compliance with the rail network's signalling protocol.
  • Communicating with the control centre in order to pass on information about possible technical issues where railway vehicles or the signalling system are concerned.

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