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These professionals coordinate, manage and supervise the warehouse, controlling the receipt and distribution of raw materials, semi-finished articles and finished garments. They controll the internal warehouse processes. They send raw materials to the different departments of the factory and to external workshops, and send products to clients and shops.


  • Assure that the logistics chain handles and matches clients' projections with product delivery.
  • Supervise the entry of raw materials:
    Check order sheets and/or delivery notes to ensure they coincide with the purchase orders.
    Supervise the unloading of materials following criteria established by the company in regard to prevention of risks, the environment and quality.
  • Identify, classify and distribute the materials that enter the store (raw materials, semi-finished and finished):
    Separate them according to their nature (raw materials, products).
    Affix an identification label.
    Separate any items that do not meet required specifications for return.
    Organize and distribute materials according to the order of use.
    Indicate semi-finished products according to origin.
    Distribute semi-finished products in the store.
    Classify manufactured goods according to customers.
  • Make shipments of materials to company sections and outside workshops.
    Check the identifying data of batches of product.
    Check customer details.
    Supervise the loading of products.
    Fill in shipping documents.
    Identify outgoing products and their production batches.
    Record shipping data and characteristics.
  • Supervise the maintenance of machinery.
  • Supervise the workplace cleanliness.
    Separate waste according to environmental criteria.
    Prepare surplus material for reuse.
  • Control the logistics of the store:
    Forecast internal needs.
    Coordinate supplies, doing the purchasing from different suppliers, monitor suppliers' purchase orders and enquiries.
  • Supervise the condition of stocks.
  • Organise and coordinate domestic and international transport means: estimate demand for transport, planning, hiring and transport monitoring services, incident resolution, generated documentation management, supervision of invoicing for services and monitoring of service levels. Manage transport companies' loads and penalties.
  • Permanently and suitably notify the affected departments about the status of orders when there are transport or production problems.
  • Support the Accounting Department (check invoices to suppliers).

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