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The airport security guard will be responsible for controlling the access of people to the airport boarding lounge. Its objective is to prevent any dangerous objects being carried onto planes, or brought into the airport premises. This is a very similar post to security guard, but with a specialisation in airport environments. Requires knowledge of regulations and of the use of the devices necessary to discover restricted elements: X-rays, metal detectors, etc. Professionals should be rigorous and strict, as this is a fundamental activity in the airport environment.


  • Check the ID of people requesting access to the boarding area: this includes passengers and airline and airport operator, shop and service staff.
    Check that passengers have their boarding cards. Companions are not authorised to enter.
    Revise the rest of the staff accreditations.
  • Manage the movement of people through the metal detecting apparatus. Carry out various actions to find the metallic object in the event that the machine detects something: request the emptying of pockets (which are generally currencies, keys...), use a hand-held detection device (to see if the problem is a belt), etc.
  • Checks that all hand luggage is introduced into the X-ray belt: suitcases, handbags, coats, etc. Laptops, cameras and other devices should also be observed via the X-ray machine.
  • Use the X-ray monitor to surveil the content of the luggage. If a forbidden object is detected, the owner of said object will be required to hand it in, so as to check whether it is part of the group of restricted objects: fireworks, inflammable liquids, fuels, firearms, ammunitions, knives or other cutting articles, etc.
    In the event of a forbidden object being found, it will be requisitioned. If the object is dangerous, an agent of the authorities will be informed.
    On occasion it may not be possible to determine the contents of a package because it is wrapped up. In the event of this, request that the passenger himself unwrap it.

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