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Flight Attendant; Air host(ess); Flight assistant


These professionals are responsible for assisting passengers during the flight. They are responsible for their safety, well-being and comfort. They represent the friendly face of the company. They have to deal with critical eventualities such as passengers' having panic attacks or rude behaviour, and all sorts of other incidents. They must do so as efficiently and tactfully as possible. The concept of air safety is a key part of their training, they are active members of the crew and have an essential role in guaranteeing safety in the air.


  • Ensure passenger safety. This is the main responsibility of these professionals.
    Provide all the necessary information of safety procedures, indicating all emergency exits.
    Ensure that all procedures are correctly followed, for example that passengers fasten belts where necessary, and that seats are in an upright position, etc.
    Check that luggage is placed in a suitable manner, so as to avoid provoking an accident.
    If necessary, use fire extinguishing material.
    Provide first aid in the event of an accident, if there is no medical practitioner on board.
  • Hold a meeting with the rest of the crew prior to the flight, to finalise flight details: route, time, services offered, passengers with special medical problems or requirements.
  • Attend to the passengers at the entrance, welcoming them and helping them to their seats.
  • Provide services offered by the airlines:
    Serve catering of foodstuffs and drinks.
    Distribute daily newspapers, blankets, headphones and similar articles.
    Manage the 'duty free' service.
    Provide alternative services for children (with presents, videos, etc.)
    In the event of international flights give out the necessary immigration documentation.
  • Carry out public relations with passengers, one of the key elements in maintaining client fidelity.
  • Manage any incidences that can arise between passengers: panic attacks, indispositions, etc.
  • Carry out pre- and post-flight services:
    Check emergency equipment to ensure that it is in perfect condition: life jacket, flashlights, oxygen masks, first aid medicine cabinet, ramps, doors, etc.
    Check the catering stocks to ensure that there is enough food and drink for the flight.
  • Pursers supervise and coordinate all of the tasks carried out by the rest of the cabin crew.

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