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The warehouse operator is the operative who carries out maintenance, storage and order forecast duties. With the advent of flexible production systems and, more specifically, Just In Time (producing according to demand) systems, the warehouse has become a dynamic and mechanised centre whose staff must be familiar with the new technologies employed. Reports to the Warehouse Manager.


  • Receive and unload materials, check quantities and supervise any damages.
  • Carry out unpacking and warehousing operations according to established procedures.
  • Make use of motor, horizontal and vertical maintenance components during warehousing.
  • Use IT systems to register and find stored products.
  • Use IT tools to carry out warehouse management operations.
  • Receive purchase order preparation requests, locate the relevant products and prepare them for shipment in accordance with established procedures.
  • Use IT systems to manage the control and register of shipment operations.
  • Receive and supervise refunds, process incidents or complaints regarding inadequately fulfilled orders.
  • Carry out physical inventory recount operations.
  • Implement maintenance and safety measures.

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