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The manager of a bonded warehouse is responsible for its organization. A bonded warehouse may be any place, shed, store or other location recognized by customs authorities and subject to their control, in which private operators can store merchandises for an unlimited time, until they decide to ship them a final destination inside or outside the European Union customs area. The main advantage of a bonded warehouse is that stored goods are exempt from the payment of taxes such as VAT or special taxes, as well as customs duties or other trade policy measures. In the field of responsibility and usually under the supervision of logistic managements, this person sees to the administration, record and control of all the administrative documentation for goods in customs transit, ensuring compliance with protocols, identification and location of goods in the bonded warehouse, controlling reception and dispatch of goods, as well as processing and issuing all related documentation.


  • Declare non dispatched products in the bonded warehouse and, if necessary, request pertinent prior authorization.
  • Keep the record of goods movements in the bonded warehouse.
  • Permanently control the condition of the products stored in the bonded warehouse so that they can be found immediately in the event of an inspection.
  • Document shipped goods so that appropriate regulations can be applied according to the country of destination.
  • Maintain a documented record of all movements (merchandise received and shipped) made in the warehouse.
  • Attend to the requests of inspectors from the Administration whenever required.
  • Calculate the forecast economic costs derived from goods movements.
  • Ensure that the company pays the correct tariffs at the right time.
  • Ensure correct operation of the computer systems for logistic support used to manage the bonded warehouse.
  • Detect and inform company management of any possible anomalies before they are observed during official inspections.
  • Maintain control charts to inform management of the store's management ratios.
  • Draft and present appropriate regular reports of goods movements in the bonded warehouse to the Customs Authorities.
  • Apply opportune changes or updates in accordance with the specific legal regulations affecting the bonded warehouse.

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