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Quality Regulations technicians are responsible for ensuring that the company fulfills standards set by international authorities, in this case, regarding flight maintenance and certificates. This regulations, previously known as JAR (Joint Aviation Requirements) are of mandatory fulfillment and work to protect the quality of productive organisations (Part 21-B) and of the management of aeronavigability maintenance (Part M-B), general maintenance (Part 145-B), technical training (Part 147-B) or aircraft maintenance professional licenses (Part 66-B). For such protocols to be fulfilled, the approval of the responsible authorities Quality regulation technician carry out the rigurous control of the fulfillment of protocols and established regulations in order to guarantee the quality and security of the aircraft.


  • Dedicate his/herself to the maintainance and updating of regulatory documentation, as well as carrying out regulatory requirements relative to activities carried out by the company. If production practices are modified, maintenance... depending on the field of activity, check that it conforms regulatory requirements.
  • Carry out company internal audits aimed at the checking of the fulfillment of the JAR Regulation.
  • Check the fulfillment of regulations.
  • Carry out the monitoring of the resolution of reported incidents and collaborate in the application of recommendations included in the corresponding audit report.
  • Present standardised forms to the relevant authorities documentation relating to audits completed, along with all the information that is requested.

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