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Security technician


This is the person responsible for guaranteeing the safety of users on the airport premises. They are also responsible for the supervision, monitoring and surveillance of terminals, the aircraft apron and the entrances to the airport. The role carries a large amount of responsibility.


  • Attend to the security of persons who pass through the airport.
  • Notify of everything that occurs in the airport premises. This professional should have demonstrate an up-to-date knowledge of services, operations and tasks that take place in the airport, as well as of its structure and peculiarities.
  • Oversee that the security devices installed in the airport are in perfect operation: video cameras, emergency exits, fire extinguishers, etc.
  • Inspect tasks of maintenance service and airport construction.
  • In direct communication with state security staff and those responsible for the airport.
  • Ensure that only authorised persons can access restricted zones.
  • Supervise maintenance tasks of access and security controls. This includes the checking of magnetic cards, authorisations and passes, closed circuit television, systems detectors, etc.
  • Manage staff and vehicle authorisations.
  • Establish airport security procedures and regulations . These should be compatible with the security programmes of airline companies and operators present in the airport.
  • Maintain proactive surveillance of airport facilities, resporting any incidences to the person in charge.
  • In some cases, the established contingency plan can change.
  • Verify that all security aspects are in accordance with local and international legislation.
  • Ensure that security staff are sufficiently trained and adequately informed.
  • Coordinate security aspects of official estates.

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