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Passenger Handling Agent; Passenger Service Agent; Ground Auxiliary; Invoicing Agent; Passenger Handling Agent.


This is the professional in charge of attending to passengers in the airport terminal. Functions include the invoicing and the boarding of passengers, as well as informing of flight connections. 'Handling' is understood as all those services of assistance given to aircrafts and passengers. Activities include; invoicing, relocation of passengers, placement of staircases, plane cleaning, fuel provision, management of luggage and merchandising, mechanical service, etc.


  • Check information about passengers due to check in and identify whether there are any special cases (disabled people, children travelling alone, etc.). Where relevant, take appropriate actions: notify the company's special assistance staff and public relations department, etc.
  • Deal with passengers checking in:
    Request identification information and tickets (if there are any, since this can be an electronic reservation).
    Check that passengers on international flights have their passports in order and permission to enter those countries to which they are travelling.
    Supervise the reservation and the flight of passengers: dates and times, destination, gate, time between connections, flights, etc. If a passenger is not able to make their connection flight, this individual takes charge of searching for another flight or making a hotel reservation, etc.
    Introduce data into the computer and make the seat reservation.
    Ask passengers questions on matters related to the security of their luggage (if they are carrying forbidden materials, who has packed their luggage, etc.).
    Complete the check-in of luggage, ensuring that it does not exceed the authorised weight. If luggage exceeds the weight limit, charges must be levied to passengers. Check that the hand luggage does not exceed established dimensions and weight for the airline company.
    Notify passengers of the boarding gate or other information such as the duration of the trip.
  • Attend to passengers during boarding:
    Check boarding cards, as well as identification.
    Ensure that all passengers who have checked in board the plane. Should any passengers checked in fail to board, use the PA system to locate them.
  • Inform transit passengers of: boarding gate, time of their connecting flight, etc. In some cases, where there is a very short time between flights, wait for them in the terminal and personally accompany them to the gate to ensure they arrive on time.
  • Notify airport authorities of any improper or illegal conduct in the airport.

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