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In the transport of goods by sea, more and more relevant in the context of a global world, with high volumes of international trade, the shipping agent occupies a key position. These agents operate as independent intermediaries acting for and on behalf of a ship owner or operator and take charge of all port procedures associated with freight transport, whether delivery and loading or arrival and unloading, and other administrative processes associated with the goods. One shipping agent can represent to several shipping companies. This person, provides their services to shipping agents for the transport of goods by sea and is responsible for organizing and managing the movement of containers in the port, optimizing space and usage time.


  • Verify that the stock of containers in the port or store is correct and organize those to be used, those to be returned and those which must be sent to other ports according to the needs or demands of customers, or the instructions of ship-owners or operators. Contact the owners of containers regarding the location of containers or their shipment to other ports as required.
  • Ask customers or shipowners about the containers required from other ports, or make containers available to be sent to other ports where they are required.
  • Assign a "status code" (used to classify containers according to whether they are full or empty, and if they enter, remain or leave the port) for the management of each container under their responsibility.
  • Draw up the daily list of containers that have entered or left the port. Send a report about the containers to their owners, usually shipping companies.
  • Coordinate and instruct stevedores about the movements of the containers.
  • Check the physical condition of containers and organize any necessary repairs.

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