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Store Manager


The Warehouse Manager is responsible for the management of the store and optimum use of the space. This professional sees to the correct functioning of the movements of reception, location, purchase order and load preparation, and on occasion, transportation, whether internal (production lines) or external (with respect to clients). There are four possible types of store; production, finished goods, replacements and ancillary materials for production. This role is sometimes of a management nature, when the store also functions as a business centre. This professional should know to manage and coordinate professional teams, as well as to understand new technologies in order to be able to apply them to operations of storage, transportation and distribution.


  • Direct operations in accordance with the handling of the influx and outflow of materials.
    Determine material entry and outflow handling procedures.
    Ensure the follow-up of order preparation and vehicle loading/unloading procedures, and monitor vehicle traffic conditions in the warehouse in accordance with safety and profitability criteria.
    Verify the completion of purchase orders in accordance with the procedures established with regard to timing, quality and safety.
    Check that warehouse maintenance schedules and conditions are fulfilled in accordance with the occupational health and safety regulations in force.
    Monitor the reception of external merchandises to be stored according to the quality handbook. In the event that supplies fail to meet established quality standard, either refuse them or accept them under the relevant conditions.
  • Define the resources to be used.
    Organise the operation of the warehouse, allocate tasks to the staff assigned according to their level of responsibility and work volume, coordinate entries, storage and dispatches.
  • Monitor the implementation of inventory control procedures.
  • Define inventory control procedures.
    Monitor storage conditions and stock levels.
    It determines which is the most suitable location for the merchandise, considering that it is easy its identification and its packing and taking into account its characteristics (p. ej., a perishable good will receive a control and processing different from that one of a long-lasting merchandise).
    Carry out physical inventory checks on a regular basis, keep a register and monitor the established indicators.
    Control merchandise turnover rates and obsolescence.
    Records merchandise movements that take place in the store in IT systems (influx, outflow and refunds).
  • Leads the overall management of the store, controlling management parameters and corresponding records.

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