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Distribution Logistics Manager


The distribution manager designs, controls and establishes storage conditions, including store locations and the maintenance system. This professional also determines the criteria for positioning of stocks, designs the process for distribution, shipping and transport of products and, when applicable, the policy for externalizing or sub-contracting transport or other logistic services. He reports to the Logistics Manager.


  • Determine the best transportation system to use for the distribution of finished goods.
    Design the physical product distribution system and, if applicable, its re-engineering.
    Define the transport needs, ensure and review their fulfilment, control and provide information on the service's costs.
    Advise on investments that must be made in the physical distribution process and on out-sourcing options.
    Plan for staff needs in relation to the storage and transport operations.
    Establish the procedures for documents, the recording of distribution operations, the coverage of goods and the handling of incidents.
  • Determine the number of warehouses and platforms that must be used and their location.
    Design, control and establish the storage conditions, including the locations of the warehouses and the maintenance system. Determine the positioning criteria of the stocks.
  • Seek, analyse and select information on market trends and possibilities in relation to transport, costs and services, as well as establish indicators, service parameters and cost control systems.
  • Determine the logistical functionality of each warehouse.
    Define the logistical distribution plans and operations with the functional managers.
    Use the DRP (Distribution, Requirement, Planning) system: management technology that optimises distribution.
  • Organise the necessary information flow.
    Consider opportunities for cooperation with clients and subcontractors during the distribution process. And if necessary, design and implement the ECR (Efficient Consumer Response), a work methodology that consists of optimising the entire product distribution process in collaboration with subcontracted suppliers and companies.
  • Ensure compliance with environmental requirements for distribution.
  • Design the best finished goods distribution system by considering different means of transport and its multi modality and interoperability.
  • Cooperate with the Sales Department.

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