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Airport Service Agent; Passenger Attention Technician, Salesmen and other users; Terminal Duty Manager


This professional is the person responsible for the operations of airport terminals. They monitor the state of, access to and use of facilities, dealing with incidents and supervising the activities of the various agents who contribute to the operations (security, cleaning services, companies, shops, restaurants, salesmen, etc.). It is important to remember that in a lot of airports, these spaces are constantly in use throughout the year, by large groups of people, which means that this coordinating role is essential for everything to run smoothly.


  • Supervise that the security devices used in the airport are in perfect working condition: emergency exits, fire extinguishers, etc.
  • Ensure that the airport emergency plan is maintained and sent to all staff of the airport.
  • Revise and maintain the correct clean state of the terminal.
  • Inspect tasks of maintenance service and airport construction.
  • Undertake a proactive surveillance of airport facilities, notifying the pertinent departments in the event of an operational incidence. This task is carried out by circulating through the airport facilities, or y using the surveillance system installed in the offices, to provide control of strategic points of the terminal.
  • Attend to the staff working in the terminal and foresee possible problems.
  • Coordinate airport auxiliary companies: companies, travel agencies, shops, catering, operators, etc. Ensure that airport regulations are followed.
  • Solve incidences of a varying nature: user complaints, lost children, failure in passenger information systems, arrivals of VIPs at the airport, etc. Generally, this involves getting in contact with different companies and organisations: police, press, security service, firefighters.
  • In some cases, the established contingency plan can change.
  • Elaborate a report to leave a record of all operations in the terminal over the length of the working day.
  • Provides a link between the companies that operate in the terminal and the Airport Director.

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