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Airport medical technician


Airport medical officers work in airports. Their patients are people that pass through the airport and so the work is generalist and highly varied: He must be able to treat all types of illnesses, from a simple injury to severe diseases and emergency situations. He provides urgent treatment to sick people without knowing their medical record.


  • Care for slight emergencies of passers-by.
  • Organize the travel arrangements of ill passengers, deciding on how to transport them to the plane, what special attention they should receive during the flight, etc.
  • Take charge of medical emergencies.
    Decide the measures to be taken when the pilot reports a case of emergency, requesting the ambulance to transfer the patient or attending to the patient in situ.
    Assess the magnitude of the emergency, organizing medical material and equipment.
    Attend to the patient in the shortest possible time.
  • Manage rescue procedures in the event of a plane accident at the airport.
    Organize the relocation and cribbage of unharmed and injured survivors.
    Analyze the health impact of the accident in the event of a spill of toxic chemicals.
    Examine the causes of the accident and the procedures used, to draft a report for future cases.
    Revise emergency equipment so that there are no additional problems in the event of a catastrophe.
  • Ensure compliance with International Health Regulations and those dictated by Aena.
  • If necessary, carry out passenger vaccination.
  • Investigate the impact of air travel on both aircrew and passengers. Study the physical and psychological consequences of air travel and apply preventive measures.
  • Be knowledgeable about and have updated information on the types of vaccinations required to travel to different countries.

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