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Logistics engineering technicians lead the development of logistics systems and the integration of the entire logistics chain, from design, calculation and organization. This professional thus defines the application of new logistic processes, (supply chain in factories and production lines, packaging, delivery modules, transportation systems, etc.), the technology and infrastructures required to optimise the flow of materials and information throughout the supply chain. That is, from the delivery of materials to the production plant to their distribution to end customers, once transformed.

Most of the work of this professional is based on liaising, given that he/she has to compile information from different company departments and even suppliers to be able to proceed to checks, determine how to improve existing operations and make a better use of available resources. He/she is also in charge of monitoring the project (deadlines, resources used, costs, etc.) and informing the Logistics management (on whom he/she depends) or the management of the company about its evolution.

Sometimes, he/she leads a professional team to carry out logistics reengineering projects.


Design and optimise the logistics process
  • Aim for the overall optimisation of the entire logistic process: suppliers, production, stock and distribution management, and customers.
  • Manage and plan the automation of logistics processes to guarantee the quantity, quality and cost standards established by the company.
  • Devise the methods, systems and procedures required to adapt production to demand, in order to decrease costs.
  • Work out the needs of the logistics department, which maintenance items are needed in the plant or warehouse and logistics chain staff needs.
  • Manage the structural design of the logistics facilities to optimise the use of space, productivity and safety.
  • Define the EDI messaging system (Electronic Data Interchange system) to be used and enter the appropriate information for the preparation of key figures or indicators.

Control production and distribution
  • Supervise the proper use of plant machinery and facilities, maintenance and provision systems and provide advice in order to prevent incidents.
  • Optimise the flexibility of the production system by balancing stocks, that is, by constantly adjusting stock levels to production needs to eliminate unnecessary stocks.
  • Analyse and solve technical problems related to the supply chain.
  • Prepare systems and procedures for distribution in accordance with logistic sales plans and purchase order flows.

Apply technical and quality procedures
  • Carry out technical studies to check if the provisions supplied match the specifications issued by the company, and establish new service procedures, including the type of packaging and transportation to be used, in accordance with the BOM (Bill Of Materials) forecasts to match established production schedules.
  • Assess supply and distribution procedures and try to meet JIT (Just In Time) methodology objectives, that is, to produce with the minimum possible amount of stock.
  • Apply TQM (Total Quality Management) procedures to logistics systems.
  • Analyse the statistical control of the quality of the production process and operations.

Assess and propose renewal and improvement processes
  • Assess the effectiveness of the logistics system and transport processes the company uses and introduce improvement solutions.
  • Carry out studies to improve and optimise resources and processes linked to the internal flow of materials, defining the necessary resources and drawing up the budget a change in the logistic process would involve.
  • Handle the purchase of logistics systems, renew and look after maintenance equipment.
  • Lead the research and application of new technologies and new information systems applied to logistics, providing advice on the IT to be used.

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