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Aircraft dispatcher; Operations Agent; Runway Coordinator; Flight Supervisor; Ramp planner


The flight coordinator is the person responsible for the supervision and coordination of handling operations. These operations include all the different services required by a plane when it is on the ground: transport of passengers and cargo, fuel, cleaning the plane, water and food supplies, mechanical inspection, etc.


  • Prepare for arrival of the plane so that activities are efficient and performed with minimum delays:
    Make sure that passenger stairs, gangways and buses are ready.
    Contacts the cargo handling service so that they are ready to unload baggage.
  • Receive the "Bill of Lading" issued by the flight dispatcher. This report includes all the information required to prepare for the next takeoff (fuel, weight, goods, number of passengers, etc.)
  • Coordinate the services for the plane's next flight: cleaning, catering and fuel.
  • Make sure that the regulations referring to different handling operations are fulfilled at all times.
  • Make sure that all services have been performed correctly: cleanliness of the plane, fuel, baggage loaded or unloaded, catering, etc. The time varies, but this inspection is usually performed about 30 minutes before takeoff.
  • Meet with the captain and other members of the crew:
    Give the "Bill of Lading" to the captain together with any information related to the condition of the plane.
    Check, together with the captain, the different handling services, especially those related to cargo.
    Report any incident that may occur to the crew.
  • Issue a detailed report about the flight.
  • Establish a plan to prevent any delays in the flights. Sometimes, due to the peculiarities of the Airport or the season, this must be corrected.
  • Responsible for resolving any unforeseen events that may occur.
  • Make sure that hazardous cargoes (inflammable material, crops, etc.) have been loaded and correctly labelled according to current regulations.
  • Inform the crew of any live animals carried on board to ensure that the cargo hold maintains a certain temperature during the flight.

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