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Back-up passenger, user and customer handling agent; skycaps.


This professional attends to, helps all passengers that are in transit in an airport, and provides up-to-date information. Activities can be very wide ranging in this post and involve any type of problem posed by passengers. These professionals are their point of support. These professionals are sometimes referred to as "green jackets" in Spanish airports, due to their specific attire.


  • Provide passengers with all sorts of information: about flights, how to find airlines, boarding gates, location of luggage reclaim facility, meeting points, medical services, etc.
  • Use Aena's custom computer software, known as SIRE (the Delay Information System) to find the necessary information.
  • Deal with passengers who have issues with their flights.
    Ensure that passengers are comfortable and properly attended to by their airlines.
    If necessary, carry out hotel reservations.
  • Provide assistance to passengers and try to solve any problems they might have. These can be of a varied nature:
    Get in touch with embassies, consulates and other companies, in the event that documentation or identification is lost.
    Notify police if the passenger suffers a theft or the security team in the case of loss of luggage.
    Contact specific airport departments, if necessary.
  • Provide assistance to passengers having difficulties, for instance if they can't find their family or have arrived in a country where they don't speak the language.
  • Provide information about the area in which the airport is located: hotels, public transport, maps, etc.
  • Listen to and deal with passenger complaints.
  • Functionally speaking, serves as the main source for collecting the necessary data in order to monitor the level of customer service and produce relevant statistics.
  • Direct transit passengers to other terminals, if necessary.

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