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The delivery person is the professional who ensures the last-mile distribution service (distribution to shops or the end consumer) and door-to-door delivery of all types of merchandise, documents and packages. The incorporation of technological devices in vehicles to carry out a more thorough follow-up of goods and the increase in home deliveries as a result of changes in consumer spending are transforming this occupation. Companies are increasingly requesting messengers or delivery people with customer service skills. This is a reflection of the increase in business policies that are customer-oriented and based on personalised service. This professional reports to the Traffic Manager.


  • Oversee all the vehicle's administrative and operational documentation.
  • Manage the distribution and delivery operations, according to the instructions of the prepared routes.
  • Frequently receive service orders by mobile phone.
  • Deliver the goods, together with the operational documentation, and return it properly filled in.
  • Fill in the respective documents in the cases of incidents with the delivery of the material.

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