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The systems and machines which make up the railway network and rolling stock are devices whose mechanisms combine electrical and mechanical parts and, as such, comprise both electrical and mechanical elements. Electrical and mechanical engineers are the professionals responsible for performing maintenance on and repairing electrical and mechanical machines and systems from the railway network, thereby ensuring that the transport network runs smoothly. Examples of these devices include the electric motors used in trains and the mechanical devices that these drive.


The main responsibilities of an electrical and mechanical engineer are:
  • To perform preventive and corrective maintenance work on the electrical and mechanical systems that make up road infrastructures.
  • To monitor the performance of the network's electrical and mechanical systems.
  • To detect anomalies in the behaviour of the electrical and mechanical machines and systems.
  • To draw up simple reports on the status of the electrical and mechanical machines and systems, as well as any anomalies detected, and repairs carried out.

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